X50 Skinny Protein Cellulite High Protein Australia Natural Green Tea Extract

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It can be used as a meal replacement fat-removing milk powder containing multiple vitamins and minerals. The taste of herbs is mellow, smooth, natural, and fuller than normal fitness formula.

The natural green tea extract, Schisandra,L-carnitine cellulite and metabolism to enhance the effect of adding fitness whey protein, X50 Skinny Protein is a unique formula that will allow you to maintain a low body fat ratio and firm muscles over a long period of time. It is more hygienic and therefore suitable for both men and women.

X50 Skinny Protein is low-fat and low-fat and protein nutrition is extracted from grass-fed cows, so it can reduce harmful hormones and is rich in natural vitamins and minerals.

Only 98 per recommended servingOfUltra-low calories, add three kinds of protein digestionEnzymes promote absorption, Whether it is after exercise or for the deployment of health drinks are very suitable. Herbal mellow taste, smooth, natural sweet back.

Recommended usage:

Sprinkle 250g with 28 ml water.

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