Fitique Tummy Tuck Natural Herbal Detoxification Formula

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When we improper diet or menstrual cycle, it will lead to body edema, and cause gastrointestinal discomfort, bloating, irritability, sleepiness and other troubles, not in the most beautiful state every day!

Tummy Tuck offers 100% natural relieving formula to help you drain excess water, allowing you to restore your original light self, and the body is up to you!

All natural herbs, go edema, reduce abdominal distension, reproduce body lines, restore moisture balance, restore skin moisture shine.

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Suggested use

Take one before breakfast. It is better to take a full one-month course of treatment.

Designed for women who love "light exercise,"Fitique NutritionConsider the physiological needs of girls, relax and maintain the balance of body pressure, enjoy light sports and a happy life.

All products in Belgium production and research and development plants have achieved HACCP and GMP production quality certification, and the design formula rejects all banned ingredients, completely open and transparent ingredient labels, is to make you lose weight while maintaining health!

Main ingredient efficacy

Dandelion Tarax

Dandelion is very suitable for use in a variety of heat-toxic diseases, in which the effect of liver-clearing fever is very good, for the treatment of some cases of severe redness, swelling due to liver heat, and treatment of various wound infections or purulent diseases. The effect is also very good. Dandelion contains a broad-spectrum antibacterial and anti-inflammatory composition, which has effects on all types of inflammation, and at the same time, it has good diuretic effect, can prevent and improve urethritis, and has a good effect on prostatitis-induced urinary spurs!

Buchu leaves powder

Bujuba is an indigenous plant in South Africa. It regulates the stomach and stomach, removes excess waste water from the cells, eliminates the swelling caused by the accumulation of waste water, tightens the body lines, allows the body to burn excess fat, and effectively eliminates the belly.

Juniper Berry

The most important role of pine cones is to eliminate the body's useless substances, help eliminate edema and puffiness, prevent cystitis and urinary tract infections, ease the pain caused by gout, rheumatism, and other diseases caused by high uric acid, and help metabolism The toxin accumulation and discomfort caused by labor, such as backache caused by children.

Potassium chloride

Reduces discomfort caused by rapid edema detoxification

Nettle Extract

Nettle leaves can relieve asthma, hay fever, measles, and allergic dermatitis and other allergic symptoms; nettle is also helpful for bladder and urethral function. Nettle tea can be used as a natural diuretic component to promote urination and help break down kidney stones, but also reduce pelvic cavity Congestion and prevent enlargement of the prostate.

Uva Ursi leaves powder

Bearberry leaves contain arbutin, which has antibacterial properties and is a mild diuretic that can be used to treat urinary system diseases. Arbutin can also reduce the formation of skin melanin, with a whitening effect.

Bladderwrack Kelp

Growing in coastal areas. Mainly from seaweed and many other kinds of sea plants, containing a variety of minerals. Has calming, nourishing and supple skin effect.

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