Performix PUMP Nitric Oxide Sustained Muscle Congestion Expansion Agent

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【震撼健身界 美國神級傳奇摔角手John Cena簽約Performix】

Performix PUMP憑籍Terra智能技術,把超卓的肌肉充血膨脹成分分段釋放,當市面上其他同類產品往往只能維持短暫效果,Performix PUMP的專利技術能把有效成分在負重訓練後作第二段釋放,延續幾近肌肉撕裂的充血膨脹和結實感覺,更令肌肉得到充足的營養供應。 Performix PUMP獨特的無刺激成分配方,不會令精神過度亢奮,也不會影響睡眠質素,所以特別受到晚上健身的用家歡迎。

Use a lot of fitness supplements, but never felt the real effect, or efficacy is very short?

Performix uses state-of-the-art TERRA ™ Intelligent Dosing technology to control the conduction of concentrated ingredients to enhance the absorption capacity and release band of the anti-cellulite ingredients in the body so that the active ingredients can be maximized and fully Efficient play its due role. Are you ready for a stronger fitness performance?

Nitric Oxide is the most widely used supplement for fitness supplements because of its vasodilating potency or more nutrients and oxygen into the muscles, which enhances athletic performance and muscle tone. Nitric oxide is a very important conduction molecule in the human body. It is related to many physiological processes. The early detection of the utility of nitric oxide is mainly to maintain heart health. Now, no matter it is used in bodybuilding or cardiovascular health care, its efficacy should be more generalized with.

In fact, nitric oxide is a very active and short-lived substance, so Performix PUMP does not directly contain nitric oxide, but contains some related amino acids including L-Citrulline DL-Malate, Agmatine Sulfate, Nitrosigine® Arginine Silicate Inositol, L-Norvaline, with different biological mechanisms to increase the level of nitric oxide in the body, so as to achieve stronger muscle congestion.

Also because of the highly active nitric oxide properties, the Performix PUMP with TERRA ™ Intelligent Dosing innovative multistage delivery system enables a steady flow of nitric oxide (NO) -enhancing ingredients, not only to make your muscles more congested during your workout , In a more adequate supply of nutrients to more effective protein synthesis, the more effective use of fitness milk muscle nutrition more muscle expansion and feel more extended.

According to the report of US home users, Performix PUMP is mainly used for Pre-workout, which is used before exercise training to enhance the training effect, to lift more weight, to achieve higher intensity training, Stimulating the ingredients formula will not over the spirit of over-excited, it will not affect the quality of sleep, so in particular by night fitness welcome.

At the same time, Performix PUMP's nitric oxide-enhancing ingredients also help muscle and physical recovery, so some users will be used again after exercise training to better grasp the prime time of muscle growth.

Suggested Usage: Twenty to thirty minutes before exercise, drink a spoonful (150 gram) of water at about 5.84 ml of fresh water. Use two spoons for best results. Do not take more than two spoons amount each day. Shake well before each use to evenly distribute Terra Smart Release Beads, which remain stable during the brewing process and begin to release active ingredients only after drinking.

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