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Have you tried to lose weight due to poor digestion of the stomach and ingestion, or how to eat it?
Performix's breakthrough design incorporates TERRATM Intelligent Dosing intelligent segmentation technology into high-performance probiotics; general probiotics enter the gastrointestinal tract due to the pH-effective environment, and Performix high-performance probiotics use intelligent segmentation Release technology, prolong the release time of probiotics in the body, and add Prebiotic to the formula to help probiotics grow, so that the effectiveness of probiotics is greatly enhanced. Many bodybuilders who are lean and lean are unable to gain weight and gain muscle due to poor digestion and absorption. Performix high-performance probiotics can regulate the health of the intestines in the body to form a more suitable environment for digestion and absorption of nutrients, thus achieving a more ideal muscle-enhancing effect.
-3X release absorption
- each serving size and has 10 billion colony forming units
- Improve physical performance
- Improve immune system function
Performix High Performance Probiotic Formula for:
- People with poor gastrointestinal absorption
-Slim and difficult to gain muscle
- Training a large, high-intensity training fitness crowd
- people who aim to improve their performance

Main ingredients include;

-短雙歧桿菌 BR03 (Bifidobacterium breve BR032 )
Can promote the digestion and absorption of vinegar protein, milk protein, break down lactose, improve lactose intolerance
- Streptococcus thermophilus FP4 (Streptococcus thermophilus FP4)
Improve the intestinal environment and regulate blood pressure,AndHelps digestion of lactose
Performix uses today's state-of-the-art fitness supplements, TERRATM Intelligent Dosing, to control the conduction and release of concentrated components to enhance the absorption and release of probiotics in the body, 3 times higher than normal probiotics. Absorption efficiency.

Suggested Usage: Take 1 tablets (one serving) each time, for the best results, the official recommendation is to take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

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