Performix ION Orange Ion Sustained Boost Pours Surging Muscle Strength

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Orange ions lasting power, segmental perfusion surging muscle strength!

Performix uses state-of-the-art TERRA ™ Intelligent Dosing technology to control the conduction of concentrated ingredients to enhance the absorption capacity and release band of the anti-cellulite ingredients in the body so that the active ingredients can be maximized and fully Efficient play its due role. Are you ready for a stronger fitness performance?

Performix ION離子憑籍Terra智能技術,把超卓的增力成分分段釋放,當市面上其他同類產品往往只能在健身訓練的開首提供能量,然後很快便會出現疲勞乏力的情況,Performix ION離子的專利技術能把有效成分在訓練期間作第二段的釋放,延續幾近肌肉撕裂的膨脹感覺、持久增力,給予肌肉額外的能量支援和對抗肌肉分解,效果在訓練後依然能強烈地感受得到。 因為Performix ION離子令訓練量提升,帶來更強烈的肌肉刺激和熱量消耗,所以增肌消脂目標更易達到。

用了很多健身補充品,但從沒感受到實質效果,或者功效只是非常短暫? Performix運用當今最先進的健身營養補充品灌注技術TERRA™ Intelligent Dosing,控制濃縮成分的傳導過程,以加強增肌消脂成分在體內的吸收能力和釋放波段,所以能最大程度地發揮有效成分,全面高效發揮應有作用。你準備好迎接更強的健身表現了嗎?

Performix ION離子帶來更高強度、更持久的健身訓練表現,輕易舉起更大重量和更多次數,不會再遇上越練越累的差勁狀態。更重要的是,運動後會是一種精神煥發的狀態,而非疲累不堪。 分段釋放的技術也令Performix ION在發揮功效的同時,不會產生緊張、發抖等的副作用,肌肉力量和精神能保持高度集中。

Performix ION的獨家配方集合了當今補充界最受歡迎的十多種增力成分,包括CarnoSyn® beta-alanine、N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine、Bioperine®、Cirtulline Malate 2:1和Betaine Anhydrous。 據美國用家報告統計,Performix ION比同類產品的增力作用有效時間超出一倍,所以如果你平時進行普通強度的健身訓練只能勉強維持30分鐘,Performix ION能令你力量充沛長達一小時,而且在較低服用份量之下已明顯見效,訓練量的提升對增肌、消脂都有關鍵作用。

Suggested Usage: Drink 20 tablespoons (120 grams) of 180 to 5.3 ml of water between 20 and 30 minutes before exercise. Shake well before each use so that Terra's Smart Release Beads are evenly distributed, and these beads will remain stable during reconstitution and begin to release the active ingredient after drinking.


1) Performix ION suitable for fitness beginners?

如果你希望快速增強健身訓練的表現,Performix ION絕對適合你,並不是限於進階健身人士使用,因為這裏健身補充品的作用是幫你提升訓練強度,令你舉得更重練得更耐。

2) Performix ION is just as popular as anotherPerformix PUMP有什麼分別? 兩者都是以一氧化氮增強劑(Nitric oxide boosters)為主要有效成分的健身增力補充品,適合在健身運動前使用以增強肌肉力量和耐力。

最主要的分別是Performix ION有咖啡因之類的刺激成分,而Performix PUMPIt is a nitric oxide enhancer plus some physical, anti-stress ingredients.

BecausePerformix PUMP是沒有刺激性的,所以適合晚上健身的人使用,不過因此效果也沒Performix ION那麼強。 有些用家會將Performix PUMPUse with Performix ION for best results.

3) Does the use of Performix ION increase?

If you have been using it for more than a month without any physical discomfort, try increasing the amount of each use.

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