Performix Crea-Bead 三大肌酸成分組合 (Terra智能長效釋放)

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【震撼健身界 美國神級傳奇摔角手John Cena簽約Performix 狂賀全線產品八折優惠】

Creatine is definitely the most popular and up-to-date research-supporting fitness supplement. Performix Crea-Bead is the first creatine supplement available on the market. Using Terra's smart technology, three different creatinine components are absorbed in the body By prolonging the release of the segments, the muscle maintains a high level of creatine, and exerts the effect of increasing muscle power before and after exercise. On average, the power and speed are increased by 12% to 26%.

Use a lot of fitness supplements, but never felt the real effect, or efficacy is very short?

Performix uses state-of-the-art TERRA ™ Intelligent Dosing technology to control the conduction of concentrated ingredients to enhance the absorption capacity and release band of the anti-cellulite ingredients in the body so that the active ingredients can be maximized and fully Efficient play its due role. Are you ready for a stronger fitness performance?

Creatine itself is a naturally occurring molecule in human body and also exists in the form of Creatine Phosphate. When the physiological environment in the body is under pressure, creatine phosphate releases the energy used by cells - adenosine triphosphate (ATP ), And this biochemical effect is the principle of most creatine utilities.

ATP is a source of energy for muscle contraction. Phosphocreatine in muscle cells during exercise will supply phosphate molecules to ADP to make ATP, which makes available energy to the muscles. Creatine binds to phosphate molecules and produces phosphocreatine Important to the key, so supplementing creatine can cause muscle to get more energy.

Taking creatine supplements boosts creatine levels in the muscles, boosting strength. Studies show that taking creatine average increases strength and speed by 12% to 26%, and the effect of taking eight weeks of continuous action is even more significant.

運用TERRA™ Intelligent Dosing創新多段釋放系統的Performix Crea-Bead,配方組合了三種傳統和先進的肌酸成分種類:

Creatine Monohyrdate: is the mainstream choice of creatine supplements, but also the most research and empirical fitness nutrition ingredients, but its poor absorption, slow and other shortcomings drive more advanced types of creatine research and development.

Creatine Ethyl Ester: In the supplement industry, CEE, an ethyl ester of creatine, slightly lipophilic, gives it a faster rate of absorption in vivo than conventional creatine monohydrate Higher solubility) and longer half-life, continue to work longer.

Creatine HCl (Creatine HCL): A patented ingredient introduced in 2009 that combines creatine molecules with hydrochloric acid, compared to the traditional Creatine monohydrate, Creatine HCL water-soluble Nearly 60 times (according to the same manufacturer's research), so do not need a lot of pre-taking, and the required amount is also relatively reduced, it can avoid gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, diarrhea, gas and stomach pain and water storage Side effects.

Creatine hydrochloride is theoretically similar in potency to creatine monohydrate, but is adjusted to resist the acidity of the stomach, slowing the process of converting creatine into metabolites, and stabilizing creatine.


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