International Protein Synergy 5 Five-in-One Protein Plus Formula Made in Australia Complete Muscle Protein Plus Formula Pack

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2019年5月公告:雖然International Protein生產商因為生產原料成本上升經已調高價格,但為回饋顧客支持,我們承諾未來半年產品售價維持不變,直至2020年1月1號。

即時吸收 、連續供應達八小時,可能是目前最完整的增肌蛋白質組合健身奶粉,澳洲製造International Protein Synergy推出全新包裝,配方更加由五種蛋白質增加至六種!

完整的增肌蛋白質組合能夠給你肌肉穩定供應營養,各有不同的消化吸收互相配合,所以Protein Synergy適合全日不同時間使用,無論是作為早餐、運動之後或是晚上睡覺前,都能將增肌效果發揮到最大。

Raw materials from fitness milk is extremely rare New Zealand grass fodder used, the taste of high quality raw materials is guaranteed, so there is no other brand of chemical taste, but also reduce the health hazards of hormones.

Compare with Superior Whey Super Whey, another popular International Protein product:

Superior Whey 「Super Whey」

  • The three fastest absorbing proteins: Whey protein, Isolate whey protein and hydrolyze whey protein
  • Protein ratio reached78%
  • More suitable for drinking as soon as possible after fitness training to achieve the effect of instant replenishment of muscle nutrition

Protein Synergy「完整增肌蛋白質配方」

  • 種蛋白質配方各有不同的消化吸收互相配合更加容易讓身體運用
  • Protein ratio reached82%
  • Suitable for any time of the day, especially for high-protein needs of high-caliber fitness people
  • Relatively thick taste

Protein Synergy六種蛋白質配方喝進去後首先極快吸收的是水解分離乳清蛋白釋放的蛋白肽 (peptides),馬上啟動增肌過程,刺激肝臟生產生長激素。然後就是分離乳清蛋白和乳清蛋白供應氨基酸增強免疫力的因子,繼續促進增肌。

Extending the nutrition supply is Egg white albumen, belonging to the middle category of digestion and absorption, and the longest supply of nutrients is the case of Micellar casein, so this combination is up to more than seven hours of muscle nutrition Support helps fight muscle breakdown under strenuous exercise.

由於Protein Synergy五種蛋白質配方的複雜性,澳洲生產商著力調整味道和沖調質感,力求做到口味香滑,飽實而不飽脹。適合全日不同時間使用,包括作為早餐、運動之後或是晚上睡覺前。

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