International Protein Synergy 5 Five-in-One Protein Plus Formula Made in Australia Complete Muscle Protein Plus Formula Pack

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International Protein Synergy 5 is a 5-in-1 Complete Muscle Building Protein Made in Australia with a unique selection of five different protein formulas that work in conjunction with each other to help digestion and assimilation to your muscles, making it suitable for use throughout the day, whether for breakfast, , Exercise or before going to bed at night, can maximize muscle gain.

Raw materials from fitness milk is extremely rare New Zealand grass fodder used, the taste of high quality raw materials is guaranteed, so there is no other brand of chemical taste, but also reduce the health hazards of hormones.

Compare with Superior Whey Super Whey, another popular International Protein product:

Superior Whey 「Super Whey」

  • The three fastest absorbing proteins: Whey protein, Isolate whey protein and hydrolyze whey protein
  • Protein ratio reached78%
  • More suitable for drinking as soon as possible after fitness training to achieve the effect of instant replenishment of muscle nutrition

Synergy 5 "Five in One Complete Muscle Enhancement Protein Formula S5"

  • Five kinds of protein formulations have different digestion and absorption of each other more easily with the body to use
  • Protein ratio reached82%
  • Suitable for any time of the day, especially for high-protein needs of high-caliber fitness people
  • Relatively thick taste

Synergy 5 The first of the five protein formulas to drink, the first to be absorbed, is the hydrolysis of the peptides released by whey protein, which immediately initiates the process of boosting the muscles and stimulates the production of growth hormone in the liver. Then is the separation of whey protein and whey protein supply amino acid enhance immunity, continue to promote muscle.

Extending the nutrition supply is Egg white albumen, belonging to the middle category of digestion and absorption, and the longest supply of nutrients is the case of Micellar casein, so this combination is up to more than seven hours of muscle nutrition Support helps fight muscle breakdown under strenuous exercise.

Due to the complexities of Synergy 5's five protein formulas, Australian producers are keen to adjust their taste and feel, in order to achieve a smooth, full-bodied, non-blooming taste. Suitable for use throughout the day at different times, including as breakfast, after exercise or before going to bed at night.

Recommended usage:以200至300毫升的冷水沖調飲用40克,即1又1/3匙的份量,每天飲用兩至三次,視乎你的蛋白質攝取需求量。

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