International Protein Superior Whey Made in Australia Superb Combination of Whey Protein Muscle Growth Ingredients

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Fitness milk is extremely rare and delicate silty, sweet and natural taste, no other brands of lingering bitter taste, best-selling Australian 17 muscle protein brand for the first time in Hong Kong introduced to Hong Kong over the past ten years, Hong Kong can only supplement stores The main sales of the United States brand scene.

Fitness so hard, why have to endure difficult to drink fitness milk? Smart Supplement store sales point for you to try on the scene, feel good taste to buy!

Customer comments:

"It tastes better than healthy milk powder, more like milkshake!"

"The taste will not be too sweet nor too strong, the taste will be very natural."

"I do not think I'll have a taste after drinking."

"Silty light fine, very soluble"

"There will be no negative reaction to hot air"

Best-selling Australia 17 International Protein fitness milk powder is the "taste of the first"!

Low fat and muscle gain

The taste is natural and easy to import. Even those who use the fitness formula for the first time are always amazed. The absorption of high-quality protein raw materials is very good and it is easier for the muscles to use the nutrients.

Drinking with weight training can stimulate muscle growth and improve the quality and easy absorption of protein intake.


Since the brand does not include unnecessary artificial ingredients, the taste may be lighter and natural than the brand you used to use.

Superior Whey Made in Australia Optimal Whey Protein Combination Based on Raw Milk Powder New Zealand grass feeders are used with high quality raw materials to ensure that there is no other brand of chemical flavor and less hormonal Healthy injury.

This is why other brands of fitness milk you use have no effect. The hormones in raw milk affect our gastrointestinal bacteria and reduce the absorption of nutrients such as proteins.

Superior Whey includes three of the most common whey protein ingredients: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, a superb combination of ingredients for muscle growth!

Whey protein isolate is the highest protein ratio, the lowest fat, rich in natural bio-active peptides to help muscle tissue synthesis.

Whey protein concentrate helps with natural immunity, with antioxidants and growth factors.

Naturally fermented L-glutamine - is produced from rice without chemicals and therefore has no toxic residues. Only pure, clean L-glutamine can effectively restore the body and boost immune function.

Exclude aspartame: use sucralose, taste delicious. Never contain extra ingredients such as fillers or stabilizers slow down its rapid absorption.

易消化 - 高質量的乳清蛋白快速有效的消化。沒有植物膠或大豆蛋白,所以不會讓你感到腸胃不適。每建議飲用量只有1.2克的乳糖。 無麵筋 - 沒有廉價的谷氨酰胺肽源自水解的小麥或低質量的小麥蛋白質,適合對小麥過敏的人。 無添加糖 - 產品中唯一的糖是天然存在的乳清蛋白。

No artificial spices.

Recommended usage:以200至300毫升的冷水沖調飲用40克,即1又1/2匙的份量,每天飲用兩至三次,視乎你的蛋白質攝取需求量。

(Based on the average of different taste)

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