International Protein NO Ignition (Stim Free) "NO Nitric Oxide Enhancer" (non-irritant formula)

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2019年5月公告:雖然International Protein生產商因為生產原料成本上升經已調高價格,但為回饋顧客支持,我們承諾未來半年產品售價維持不變,直至2020年1月1號。

International Protein NO Ignition (Stim Free) "NO Nitric Oxide Enhancer" (non-irritant formula)

Australia's strength brand International Protein's latest development of NO Ignition, positioned to be able to mentiona nitric oxide enhancer that raises maximum muscle strength,At the same timeImproves endurance and muscle swelling (Pump), and because it does not contain stimulating ingredients, there is no sudden fatigue in the training of general high-dose caffeine Pre-workout/Wall impact effect(Crash) and other counter effects, soBoth strength and endurance sports, training or competitions are suitable.

In addition to the recipeImprovedCreatine, L-Arginine,Beta alanine (--alanine)Responsible for improving maximum muscle strength, endurance, and muscle swelling (Pump)In addition to the three main ingredients, it also adds auxiliary ingredients that can assist the body to absorb and use the above ingredients, so that the effects of the three ingredients can be stronger and longer lasting.

The main core components of "NO Nitric Oxide Enhancer":

Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (Creatine AKG): Creatine Alpha-KG,After improvement, it is more suitable for the body's absorption of creatine. Generally, creatine is discounted because it is digested and absorbed into the muscles;Creatine AKG is more suitable for human body to absorb more directly into the muscles, strengthen the biological process of muscle cells to generate kinetic energy, and accelerate the production of fast energy (ATP), thereby increasing the maximum single muscle output (1RM One Rep Max). The performance of power and explosive power has increased dramatically.

Beta alanine (beta-alanine): is a component of the human carnosine that helps neutralize muscle acidity in the body and can reduce the feeling of fatigue during exercise or improve the time to maximum exhaustion (time to exhaustion). The athlete's muscular endurance and training intensity are improved, and the effect is applicable to both male and female athletes, novices, and even experienced athletes.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG):L精胺酸 Alpha-KG, 一氧化氮增強劑成分,是經過改善和改良的精胺酸,更適合人體腸胃吸收,比起一般精胺酸更能Promote muscle cell enlargement (cell volumization)The nutrients such as amino acids and creatine that are necessary for muscle growth are pumped into the cells, and the protein synthesis process is initiated to achieve a stronger muscle-enhancing effect.

Citrulline Malate 2: 1 (L citrulline): increases the concentration of L-arginine in plasma.With the use ofIt will make the production of NO in the body more effective and lasting. It can help remove the waste generated by exercise training in the body, reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, and make the body recover faster after training.

N-acetyl-l-carnitine (L-carnitine): Helps the body consume fat as energy, reduce fat formation, increase blood flow, and increase concentration

Suggested Usage: Drink 200 grams in 12.5 ml of cold water, ie two spoons, and drink 15 to 20 minutes before fitness training. It can be used with International Protein Extreme Carbs to provide a comprehensive energy supply for training. Try a spoonful of ingredients for the first time. It is normal to have a brief, slight skin itching or allergies at the beginning of the function. No need to take it on days without exercise.

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