International Protein M-Casein Made in Australia Long-Lasting Casein

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2019年5月公告:雖然International Protein生產商因為生產原料成本上升經已調高價格,但為回饋顧客支持,我們承諾未來半年產品售價維持不變,直至2020年1月1號。

Made in Australia International Protein Long-Lasting Casein M-Casein is ideal for the following three needs:

  • There is already considerable body-building training experience and there is a desire to improve muscle recovery to continue responding to the need for intensive training
  • Suitable for nutrition before going to sleep at night and help to fall asleep
  • Reduce appetite during Cellulite

International Protein Long-Lasting Casein M-Casein provides a natural long-term release of a protein nutritional formula that helps fight muscle breakdown and is therefore especially suitable for evening drinking with better whey protein immediately after exercise, resulting in long muscle recovery The growth process is fully supported.

Long-Lasting Casein M-Casein is a natural ingredient rich in calcium - 797mg for each recommended dose helps to sleep (because calcium helps the brain use the amino acid tryptophan to make sleep-inducing substances melatonin) and maintain bone health. Particularly suitable for already have considerable fitness training experience, and hope to improve muscle recovery to continue to meet the needs of intensive training.

International Protein M-Casein Made in Australia Long-Lasting Casein After drinking it, it's full-bodied, full-bodied, and not too sweetened. Sustained release of protein helps fight muscle breakdown. Another very popular Usage is to reduce appetite during the Cellulite to lose weight, and even replace part of the dinner to reduce calorie intake without starving.

Hormone secretion in the body during sleep is more conducive to muscle growth and exercise after the complex, so long-acting release of proteins such as casein (casein) is very suitable for drinking at bedtime.

A few years ago a research team at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands validated the assumption of fitness nutrition: does having special effects before going to bed drink protein supplements? This method was found to increase 22% (in case of exercise training) of muscle protein synthesis over night, with more muscle strength, muscle volume and fiber size.

Suggested Usage: 350 (equivalent to 400 40 / 1 spoons) for drinking from 1 to 2 water, suitable for drinking before bedtime, not recommended for rapid replenishment after exercise training (because whey protein or whey protein isolate Protein will be more suitable).
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