International Protein EXTREME MASS High Density Muscle Growth Made in Australia Weight Loss Powder

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Have you ever tried weight-loss powder is ineffective, gastrointestinal discomfort after drinking and taste unacceptable? Why Jiucheng customers will try to switch to Australia after the International Protein weight gain powder?

1) taste good taste, there is no other brand of similar products, the chemical feeling of the dead sweet taste, drink no dry mouth will not be too full

2) is produced from New Zealand's excellent protein raw materials, reducing the irritation of natural hormones to the gastrointestinal tract and avoiding the side effects such as heat.

3) more than 40% of the protein ratio than similar products more than doubled, to ensure that muscle nutrition will not be missing, and low-sugar low-fat, so the effect is stable

4) very detailed and easy to pollination of the silty, easy to absorb, 100% customer test taste good

[Demonstration three seconds speed brewing fitness milk powder]
Australian Made International Protein Powder Ultrafine Powder, Three Seconds Speed ​​Refining Exaggerated?

1.5kg new packaging debut!

Why can Australian Made International ProteinExtreme Mass Weight Gain give you a stronger effect?

What other supplement manufacturers don't tell you: Why does Australian Made International Protein Extreme Mass Gain Powder give you stronger results?

98.3% removes lactose, which is not only clearly visible in similar products, but also belongs to a very low dose level, which effectively reduces gastrointestinal discomfort. Therefore, we have a lot of customers who use their products to switch from other brands because diarrhea is not absorbed.

The protein produced from grass-fed cows in New Zealand is used as raw material, and has a higher leucine content than the protein used to feed cows from genetically modified grains. This not only reduces the harm of hormones to the human body, but also helps increase muscle mass. Australia-made International Protein is a brand with a very small number of fitness formulas that clearly shows the amino acid profile.

Smart Supplement pays attention to every customer, makes every effort to provide safe, high-quality and effective fitness nutritional supplements, and welcomes customer consultation at any time, choosing the best one for you!

Therefore, the best-selling Australia 17 International Protein powder for the first time introduced into Hong Kong has 90% customers switch to break through the past, Hong Kong stores 10 XNUMX over the years can only be the main sales of American brands, especially this weight-increasing powder formula and The effect is the other advertised large amount of high-calorie similar products unmatched.

This is why although the brand's product weight may be relatively high, the effect can be seen at lower levels - do you want to drink cheap, lots of flour but no effect?

WelcomeStoreTry to drink before you buy!

EXTREME MASS is a truly high-energy, high-performance muscle-building weight gain powder that boosts muscle synthesis with up to 50% of high-quality protein (more than double that of similar products) rather than high-carbohydrate- Also refuse to add any extra ingredients.

Even though carbohydrates can supply the necessary energy for muscle growth, a truly effective weight-increasing powder should balance the protein and carbohydrate ratio with other nutrients and maintain a high density of muscle building nutrients. So EXTREME MASS users have a solid and stable response.

Raw materials from the fitness milk powder is extremely rare to use New Zealand grass feed cattle, high-quality raw materials to make the taste even more assured. EXTREME MASS taste natural, and no other brands of similar chemical flavoring, 100% customer praise home.

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