International Protein Amino Charged WPI Made in Australia Low-Fat / Low-Glycemic Whey Protein Isolate Whey Peptides

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This WPI Whey Protein Isolate is a rare good taste of its kind, no other brands that desperately add the taste of sugar and chemical seasoning, do not dry after drinking even more no strange aftertaste residual taste buds, even if it is more straw Pear flavor can also make a milkshake-like delicious, silty fine and easy to absorb, so more than Jiucheng customers will try to switch to the store after the brand.

Made in Australia Amino Charged WPI is an extremely rare formula in bodybuilding protein powders: Up to 94% Whey Protein Isolate on Dry Weight - Whey Protein Isolate from New Zealand and faster absorption of protein than whey protein Whey Peptides) with added Glutamine and Arginine - to further enhance recovery and promote muscle nutrient absorption. Raw materials from fitness milk powder is extremely rare to use New Zealand grass feed cattle, the taste of high quality raw materials is guaranteed.

Whey Peptides begin the body's natural muscle building process by stimulating the liver to produce synthetic metabolic growth factors that promote muscle growth and muscle recovery.

Each suggestion is only 0.5 grams of low sugar, 99% fat. Amino Charged WPI does not like the other low-priced products such as fillers or stabilizers and other extra ingredients to dilute the nutrition, only high-quality protein and amino acids used in your body and digest the fastest.

Why use expensive whey protein isolate and then slow down its fast absorption with gums, thickeners and fillers?

Do you know how to choose whey protein supplement?

1) International Protein plant in Australia is the three material certification: GMP, ISO and HACCP, more through the FDA testing to ensure the most pure production process. The photo is a live production of the production plant including the internal situation.

2) International Protein Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) Among them, 15% is a whey protein isolate from whey protein, not just the plain whey protein isolate. Although hydrolytically isolated whey protein is most rapidly absorbed and has a slightly higher BCAA content, it is also the most difficult to drink, and most importantly, nutrient absorption after 15 has been reduced to approximately the same level as whey protein isolate, Therefore, the high price of hydrolytic separation of whey protein for most people is not necessary. Why intentionally promote expensive but no additional benefits of the product?
3) OTHER SUPPLEMENTAL SHOP HAS BEEN ATTACKING TO THIS PRODUCT It is wrong to say that the BCAA weight of this product is the wrong one because the product is always clearly labeled with the highest level of amino acid profile for the protein, at a ratio of over 20% Proposed amount to achieve 8g, not enough professional supplement stores of course do not know how to read.
(溫馨提示)有一樣同樣重要的注意事項其他補充品店不會告訴你 - 產品原料。International Protein採用出產自紐西蘭草飼牛的蛋白質原料,除了減少激素對人體的傷害之外,當中的亮氨酸(leucine)成分亦都更高,對增肌更有幫助。 其他產品有公佈這個亮氨酸(leucine)成分的含量嗎?


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International Protein plant in Australia is three materials certification: GMP, ISO and HACCP, more through the US FDA testing. The photo is a live production of the production plant including the internal situation.

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