Red Black Pill Performix IRIDIUM ™ Super Male Ti Concentrated Potent Long Lasting Muscle Accelerator (Advanced)

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"Long-awaited", the highest technology brand in the US fitness industry, PerformOne of ix's highest-end products! Advanced Muscle Red Pill Advanced Version: Red Black Pill SuPer Male Ti, under the demand of users to pursue higher quality and stronger effects, the United StatesThe external market supply is still very tight.

The red black pill IRIDIUMTM name concept is based on a hard, high densityThe silver-white metal "铱" is invincible and concentrated.

Asia’s first sales growth has surpassed that of the Muscle Red Pills, which is more likely to be in supply.Broken for more than three months, the current spot supply is limited, the producer failed to keep up with the market demandThe following batch of goods was not expected.

Muscle has been training is not big?

To increase muscle thickness and circumference, to achieve the formation of low body fat lean cut and three-dimensional sense, in addition to proper fitness training and diet, the key is actually the level of male hormone testosterone (Testosterone)!

Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti是濃縮強效天然增肌激素睾酮增成劑,不含禁用成分也不會帶來藥性副作用,十二種成分自然維持男士激素睾酮(Testosterone)的可用水平,促進增肌和維持低體脂比例,不止是短暫的增力作用,而是長期的正面效果,是天然健身必備補充品。

當市面上其他同類產品往往過快地把成分耗盡分解,無法令成分充份發揮作用,Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti的Terra智能專利技術能提高草本成分的生物活力,促進成分在體內的吸收和作用,而且把效果延長,令漫長的增肌過程得更充份支持。

Performix IRIDIUM™系列獨家設計給精英級別的健身人士和運動員,配備額外的優越成分,IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti是該品牌同類產品Super Male TThe advanced version, the active ingredient from the recommended dosage of 759 mg to 1,181 mg, determined to create the strongest, most accurate and segmental effect of natural hormone testosterone enhancer.

IRIDIUM ™ Super Male Ti is used in additionSuper Male TIn addition to the potent ingredients, LJ100® Eurycoma extract, an anti-stress, anti-inflammatory herbal ingredient KSM-66® Ashwagandha, and even the most precious traditional Chinese medicine ingredients are added to the patented formula. Cordyceps sinensis.

因此,雖然Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti的價格比同類產品為高,但有效成分的份量和種類之多,令這款濃縮強效天然增肌激素睾酮增成劑在更低服用分量下已見明顯效果。

Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti從體質、心理韌性以至男士運動活力多方面著手,相對其他品牌的同類產品,能更全面地長效促進增肌消脂和運動動力,成為你巔峰表現的最大助力。

Use a lot of fitness supplements, but never felt the real effect, or efficacy is very short?

Performix uses state-of-the-art TERRA ™ Intelligent Dosing technology to control the conduction of concentrated ingredients to enhance the absorption capacity and release band of the anti-cellulite ingredients in the body so that the active ingredients can be maximized and fully Efficient play its due role. Are you ready for a stronger fitness performance?

運用這種創新多段釋放系統的Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti,把濃縮強效的增肌和提高男士活力的成分鎖定在紅黑色的Terra珠粒,並在服用後按身體體內環境而分段釋放。不單止能令你在健身運動期間動力倍增,更有助維持肌肉在訓練後的結實和堅硬狀態,分段釋放的技術也令Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti在漫長的增肌過程持績發揮作用。

The concept of IRIDIUM ™ is based on a hard, dense silver-white metal "iridium" that is invincible and focused.

據美國用家報告統計,Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti和Performix Super Male T令肌肉力量更強、男士活力提高,但最明顯的效果是令身體在運動訓練後的復元更快,尤其對於三十歲以上的男士,工作壓力和缺乏運動都會導致體力不支,甚至令睾酮水平低落,增肌消脂進度變得緩慢,而Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti在內在調理和抗壓方面尤其顯著。

對於較年青的用家來說,如果曾飲用增重粉不見明顯效果,Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti和Performix Super Male T除了也有以上的功效外,更可以提高食慾,有助瘦子健身增磅之用。如果本身已有一定健身經驗,Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti和能令肌肉在訓練後的膨漲度更高,並延長肌肉結實的訓練效果。

就算是草本成分的補充品在過量服用之下也可能會有負面效果,所以Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti和Performix Super Male T的Terra智能技術令成分在低份量已產生作用,保障身體代謝排毒系統免於過度受壓,無需像其他同類產品般大量服用才見效。

Muscle has been training is not big? It is likely that your ketones levels are low.

Chlordone The most important effect for fitness professionals is the promotion of protein synthesis, anabolism of muscles and other related tissues, androgenic effects. Its specific role is shown in the maintenance of muscle strength and quality, physical and sexual enhancement.

The level of ketal is more prone to obesity in men because fat cells metabolize ketones to estrogen and further reduce ketones levels. Moreover, obesity can also reduce the level of sex hormones (SHBG) and reduce free ketones present in the blood, so low levels of sex hormones (SHBG) usually also represent hypochlorite levels. Therefore, the higher the level of ketones, on behalf of more muscle that can have! Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti的功效是自然地幫助身體維持或提升睪酮水平,所以只要按建議服用和本身沒有健康問題,並不會影響身體的自然睪酮生成。而且恰當的睪酮水平對男士增肌和消脂同樣有幫助,因此Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti能靈活配合你的健身訓練計畫,達至你的理想目標效果。

Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti的獨家配方集合了當今補充界最受歡迎的十多種草本增肌成分,包括胡蘆巴、蒺藜、淫羊藿、瑪卡、東革阿里、二吲哚甲烷(DIM)、L-Dopa、BioPerine®黑胡椒、三重鋅質組合等。此進階版本更加入多種專利成分,包括以四種機理幫助身體活發男士激素睾酮的LJ100® Eurycoma extract,抗壓、抗炎的印度草本成分KSM-66® Ashwagandha,甚至珍貴傳統中藥成分冬蟲草(Cordyceps sinensis),在TERRA™ Intelligent Dosing調度之下有著更高的生物活性。

Recommended usage:It is recommended that three red and black Terra bead pills (one serving) be delivered in the evening at approximately 236 ml of water. Other take-ups are also possible in the morning and before exercise, for example. Avoid containing foods with high calcium with the same clothes, to avoid affecting the absorption.

common problem:

1)如果我不是健美運動員,Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti仍適合我嗎?Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti適合任何希望增加精瘦肌肉、減少體脂的男士。

2)服用Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti後仍需要飲高蛋白補充品嗎?當然需要。Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti幫助身體自然提高睾酮水平,是增肌消脂的加速器,而高蛋白補充品則是肌肉的原料,兩者配合效果更佳。

3)連續服用Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti多久才會見效?按Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti用家的反饋,效果可以在一星期內出現,明顯感到訓練後的肌肉更加結實和堅硬。越長的服用期,效果會越見顯著。

4)Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti會損害肝臟嗎?Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti是草本成分的天然增肌激素睾酮增成劑,而且份量調度恰當,再配合當今最先進的健身營養補充品灌注技術TERRA™ Intelligent Dosing,所以正確服用並不會對身體造成負面影響。

5)Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti會否影響身體自然產生睾酮的能力?

不會,因為Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti的成分沒有葯物特性,自然幫助身體提高睾酮水平,所以不會影響男士自然產生睾酮的能力。

6)如果我不健身或做任何運動,服用Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti仍有效果嗎?當然是配合健身和運動才會有明顯效果,但Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male TiT在增強男士活力方面的功效是無需運動也可以感受得到。

7)在沒有健身的日子是否仍需要服用Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti?need. The best method of administration is cyclical, for example, taking eight weeks in a row and then suspending for two weeks.

8)如果我的健身目標以降低體脂比例為主,是否適合服用Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti?Of course fit. CooperationPerformix SST Concentrated PillsThe effect is better.

9)如果我正在患病或服用葯物,是否仍可服用Performix IRIDIUM™ Super Male Ti?Please consult your physician first.

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