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Whether you want light-colored beauty or a healthy, sexy beauty, in just two weeks you get the perfect curve you want.

The uniqueness of Frock-Rocker14 天formula (Cellulite,Detoxification,Go to water).Contains fat burning effects while reducing bloating, helping the body remove toxins and reappearing body lines. Also your energetic and healthy body. The main ingredient of Frock-Rocker is green tea extract with green coffee beans; green tea can promote thermogenesis and support the body to burn fat; natural caffeine can help increase vitality, and the synergistic effect of both can increase the fat burning effect.

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Suggested use

Take a pack (three in total) before breakfast.Fat Loss,Detoxification,One for each. Take 1 Completely4 天The course of treatment is better.

Designed for women who love "light exercise,"Fitique NutritionConsider the physiological needs of girls, relax and maintain the balance of body pressure, enjoy light sports and a happy life.

All products in Belgium production and research and development plants have achieved HACCP and GMP production quality certification, and the design formula rejects all banned ingredients, completely open and transparent ingredient labels, is to make you lose weight while maintaining health!

Main ingredient efficacy

Caffeine Anhydrous

Dehydrated caffeine - can increase skeletal muscle contraction and increase their strength strength, boost your metabolism and strengthen the body to burn fat. Caffeine can also make you more focused, and your mood can be adjusted to a focused state, so that you can concentrate more on the exercise, and can better help with sports that require body muscle strength.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

1) The structure containing HCA is similar to that of citric acid, and it inhibits the activity of the enzyme ATP-Citrate lyase, preventing the conversion of sugar into excess body fat.

2) promotes fat burning in the body and converts excess energy into glycogen which is easy to consume.

3) regulates fat metabolism in the body and uses excessive amounts of nutrients not consumed by the body as heat; it is stored in muscle and liver in the form of glycogen, and when the body is in need, it can immediately supply energy because of the blood sugar Natural reactions that reduce the incidence of hunger also decrease, and therefore have an appetite reducing effect.

4) studies confirmed that HCA can reduce 8% or more of fat formation within 12 to 40 hours after meals.

5) has a balanced anti-depressant effect Green Tea Extract Green Tea Extract - Can dissolve fat and prevent fat from accumulating in the body. In addition, polyphenols in green tea can slow down and inhibit starch digestion and absorption. It also can inhibit the conversion of sucrose into enzyme in the stomach. Activity, to prevent sugar absorption, in addition to green tea can also increase body fluids, nutrition and calories metabolism, strengthen microvascular circulation, reduce fat deposition in vivo.

Irvingia IGOB131

According to a study published recently in the scientific journal Lipids in Health and Disease, African mangoes grown in Cameroon, Africa, have extremely high weight-loss benefits, which also help reduce bad cholesterol. Studies have shown that continuous consumption of this African mango extract is more effective than traditional weight-loss pills, which effectively reduces 40 times of body weight. For example, 28 days for general diet pills can only lose 0.22 pounds, but taking African mango extract can reduce 8.9 pounds. Continuous 28 is taken half an hour before a meal, and 2.4® waistline and 1.8® hips can be quickly reduced. In addition to reducing weight, such fruits have also proven to be effective in reducing bad cholesterol in the body and lowering blood sugar levels, which will help reduce vascular defects and stroke chances.

Green Coffee Extract

Chlorogenic acid is a natural phytochemical that exists in many plants but contains very high concentrations of chlorogenic acids in green coffee beans.

1. Inhibiting Fat Absorption Research has proven that chlorogenic acid inhibits the absorption of fat and stimulates the metabolism of fat cells in the liver, helping to reduce weight.

2. Limiting fat storage Chlorogenic acid was found to inhibit the release of glucose into the bloodstream. When there is no accumulation of sugar in the blood, there will be no storage of fat because sugar converts into fat. In particular, it helps to reduce postprandial blood glucose and effectively control body weight; green coffee bean extract is also a supplement that promotes the health of people with diabetes.

3. Burning fat chlorogenic acids can help increase the body's heat production, which in turn causes the body to naturally burn fat to gain energy and achieve weight loss.

4. Reduces the powerful antioxidant effect of new fat cells producing chlorogenic acid, which can help reduce the production of new fat cells and eliminate obesity at the source.

5. Helps lower blood pressure

6. Anti-radical, anti-aging

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are found in Japanese raspberries and have a very good ability to decompose and transform fats. They are called "natural fat conversion factors." Raspberry Ketones raspberry ketone in raspberry can effectively help break down and reduce fat cells, help fat decomposition and fatty acid oxidation, accelerate metabolism, is a natural plant extract of a new generation of slimming body.

Japan Kumamoto University experts pointed out that Raspberry Ketones raspberry ketone can promote the body's basic metabolism, with the role of reducing body fat content, will help to alleviate obesity and obesity caused by the disease. Nikkei Business News reported that a team led by Professor Suzuki Koji gave 1074 women a daily dose of 200 raspberry ketone for several weeks before testing their body fat content. The results showed that the basal metabolic rate increased by 89% on average for each experimental subject, the body weight decreased by 13%, and the body fat content decreased by an average of 22%. Suzuki believes that the experimental results show that raspberry ketone to promote subcutaneous fat reduction effect and reduce the effect of visceral fat are very prominent body fat over the elderly in the same experiment showed that raspberry ketone helps prevent obesity and ease High cholesterol and other diseases caused by obesity.

Residents in the tropics, especially those in the Pacific Island near the equator, have a lifelong weight loss and most importantly, the local fruit is rich in raspberry ketone. The study found that their diets contain no less than fat, protein and sugar in their diet, but their content of raspberry ketone is higher than that of other parts of the world due to the daily consumption of many locally sourced fruits 5 times, the body's fat is always able to be quickly catabolized out, so lifelong maintain a very skinny body.


According to the latest scientific findings from Europe, the pepper can effectively accelerate blood circulation, increase the body's natural metabolic rate, and contain natural antioxidants to enhance the body's immune system, allowing you to consume an additional 278 calories per day without exercising. One year can achieve the purpose of slimming 25 pounds. Researchers said that people taking this pepper slimming cream can burn calories when sitting in a chair! The calories it burns are equivalent to walking 80 minutes or jogging 25 minutes. Clinical trials have confirmed that the pepper extract can be absorbed by the body 100%, and is very safe, even if it is used for a long time, it will not bring any negative impact.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline and inositol are complexes of vitamin B, essential nutrients for the body, help improve memory, maintain the nervous system and healthy skin, and accelerate liver fat metabolism. This product may help to stabilize cholesterol.

Milkthistle Extract

The main effect of milk thistle fruit is to protect the liver. The liver has many functions in the human body, including the production of bile, filtration of blood, elimination of bacteria and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and other compounds and drugs needed by the body. It also removes many toxins from the body, such as alcohol, nicotine and others. Toxins produced by the body. Milk thistle has a strong anti-oxidant function, can maintain the normal operation of the liver, protect the liver cells from free radicals, milk can protect the liver from harmful chemicals and alcohol.

Cranberry Extract

Contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids and is rich in pectin, which can improve beauty, improve constipation, and help remove toxins and excess fat from the body.

Ginger Pure Powder

Ginger has two components, Shogaol and Gingerol. “Gingerol” suppresses headaches and vomiting, promotes blood circulation, increases body temperature, kills and promotes bile secretion, and boosts immunity. Strength and anti-cancer. The “shogaol” helps to lose weight, promote body fat and sugar burning, and increase body temperature. Not only that, shogaol can also clear blood, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, while improving immunity and digestion and absorption, and lower cholesterol, help the body antioxidant, antibacterial, and detoxification.

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