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US fitness world's most popular brand 1UP, the most passionate community of users breakthrough 30 million by top bodybuilders, bodybuilding models and network fitness trainer pilot, IG most people follow the online fitness teaching community!

1UP WHEY PROTEIN is a highly delicious, high-quality whey protein with six distinctive flavors that make it ideal for mixing other snacks, fruits, milk and more.(Some taste in the store with a live trial)

2018 Year 1UP Hong Kong designated point-of-sale first batch of limited supply, recruiting brand ambassadors, sponsors athletes!

Recommended usage:Dilute 230 Spoon weight (1 grams) with about 33.5 cold water and drink before and after exercise, depending on your protein intake.

1UP WHEY 100% Premium Whey Protein and Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate

  • Promotes lean muscle growth.
  • Supports muscle recovery.
  • Improves Strength.
*Available in 5 Flavors (2 Limited Edition)


Protein promotes muscle repair and growth your protein intake needs to increase especially after exercise.


Short on time? Our protein is light and delicious. Add your favorite fruit, or yogurt, or a scoop of peanut butter and make a quick meal replacement protein shake to go...


1Up Whey Protein Powder is more than just a delicious, high-quality protein blend. Every flavor is an amazing complementary ingredient for your creative baking needs.

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