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Information about using bank transfer or other equivalent payment methods

[Notes on the use of bank transfer or other equivalent payment methods]

After completing the bank transfer payment, please send us the receipt or transaction number, and you must have your relevant order number to complete the confirmation process, order number. Our support team will try to issue a payment reminder after you place your order and attach the required information such as the order amount. Incomplete information may affect the check.

Please understand in advance the payment method for bank transfer in your country. We cannot provide guidance on the use of individual banks.

[How to know that payment has been confirmed]

After the payment has been confirmed, you will see on the customer page of our website that the status of the order will change from pending to paid to paid.

Log in to customer page to check order status

If you are not registered as a customer member you may not be able to log in, but this will not affect our shipment.

Because of the large number of order processing, we cannot issue or respond to payment confirmation notices with individual customers, so please check the website customer page. Because it takes time to confirm, if you fail to follow up with you, please also understand.

Then we will send you an email notification and SMS on the completion of shipment.

【important hint】

Use this payment method to find no renewal and no refund. If you are sending money from other countries, you must pay all related fees and we will only ship the full payment once we have received it. If your order is limited, please complete the payment before the end of the time limit, otherwise the order is cancelled or the offer cannot be offered.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

About shipping after completing the order

[about the completion of the shipment after the order]

After completing the order, you will receive an email confirming the order. There is a link for you to click to view the order. Log in to our website's customer pageCheck order status.

If you are not registered as a customer member you may not be able to log in, but this will not affect our shipment.

After shipping, you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail notification again, which will be attached to the shipment tracking link. The customer page order status display will change from unfullfilled to fullfilled. However, please note that customers in certain regions may receive shipment tracking numbers from other emails or SMS text messages, depending on the express company we use.

[about shipping time]

After we complete the packing of the goods and send the information to the logistics company, we will send a shipment confirmation email immediately afterwards. We will try our best to deliver the goods immediately. However, when the shipment volume is relatively large, the Express Shipping Company may not be able to receive and update the computers immediately. Therefore, the tracking link in the shipping confirmation email notification may take longer to show you the information.

Because of the large number of orders processed, we cannot issue or reply confirmations to individual customers except for the automatic message from the logistics system. Please see the website customer page.

The arrival time depends on your receipt area and the forecast of the shipping company's delivery method. If the goods are pre-ordered at the time of your order, please refer to the expected delivery time at that time. Since the time of shipment and arrival depends on many factors, we cannot allow customers to specify the delivery date or promise to arrive within a specified time. If the order information is incomplete, it will affect the shipping time.

[about shipping follow-up]

Please note that our follow-up shipments are numbered according to the order. This number will be displayed on both the e-mail and customer page orders. If any difficulties arise during shipment, we will receive our follow-up email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Free shipping on free shipping for Hong Kong SF Express or convenience stores

If the customer does not fill out the designated pickup point on the order, it may result in delivery delays or inability to enjoy free shipping discounts, and it is even more impossible to protect the buyer.

From now on, we will not pick our own pick-up point, and very few orders will be postponed.

For a detailed list, please go to the following link:

http://www.sf-express.com/HK/ZF/dynamic_function/S.F.Network/S.F.-Service-Points/ And


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