Smart Supplement Six Week Fitness Getting Started Training Program

Get started quickly in six weeks!

The Smart Supplement "Six Week Fitness Getting Started Training Program" is suitable for fitness beginners who have never been exposed to fitness training or have tried it for a while but still feel that they have not yet mastered the appropriate method.

This training program is a total of six weeks and three times a week. According to your main goal, choose the training process for muscle gain or cellulite.

The video will play the real training process, and will also give you key tips and ways to complement the supplements. The web page will also list answers to frequently asked questions.

(Cantonese to explain with traditional Chinese subtitles)

Fitness Trainer: Patrick Lui

Training schedule

Training period: six weeks

Number of trainings per week: three times (eg Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Suitable level: beginner

Required equipment: standard gym

Training plan details

Goal: muscle gain / cellulite

Number of videos: 6

Nutritional Supplements: Suggestions

Muscle 1st training video

Muscle 2 training video

Muscle 3 training video

Cellulite first training film

Cellulite second training film

Cellulite section 3 training film

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