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Established in 2015, Smart Supplement quickly became a popular fitness supplement store in Hong Kong. The cumulative number of readings on the fitness information website exceeded 8,000,000*, exceeding 1,200,000 visits*.

Smart Supplement's management team is committed to understanding the nutritional needs of Asian fitness professionals and is committed to providing safe, high-quality and effective fitness supplements, so over the years has helped countless fitness beginners to carry out their fitness journey to achieve the desired size.

"Smart Fitness" is the slogan of Smart Supplement, because we believe that in accordance with personal fitness goals, physique, eating habits and training, and according to fitness science, choose the most suitable supplements and training packages, so that fitness performance is more effective, it is "smart" The "fitness" method.

Smart Supplement actively shares the latest information on fitness and supplements in an open and transparent manner. All products in the store are selected and tested by the fitness instructor team. It is clear that you can analyze the ingredients, application status and expected results, and determine that the selected products are effective and Does not harm health.

*Data is counted by Google Analytics up to 10/7/2018.

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